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1 Instructions for Booking Online

Booking will best be done with menu APPOINTMENTS

The easiest  way to book an appointment is to choose menue APPOINTMENTS item "Book an Appointment"
You will be shown the Google calendar with all existing bookings. Choose an open date and time for your appointment and proceed as described below.


Login and Registring

If you did not login as a client, you will be first shown the login page.

1 login

Please login with your user name and pass word.

If you never before loged in as a client at Jelwana Nails & Beauty, you must first register as a client by clicking on "Don't have an account?"


2 registration

3 registration

After clicking the button REGISTER you will receive an Email to verify your user data and Email Address. Please click on the link provided in the email to activate your account. After doing this, you may login as a user.
This step is necessary to protect the booking system against abusive booking with false email adresses.

Important: If you do not receive a verification email, look in your email junk/spam folder. As far as we know, users of Apple iCloud are getting our emails sent to the spam folder

After loging in you will see a welcome page showing your personal data entered. You may do modifications of your data here at any time.


Choose Day, Service and Time

Again in one of the menu items of SERVICES click on the button BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. You will get a display of the booking calender page.

Choose the day, service and time and click on ADD TO CART.


4 choose date

You may add further services to the cart. Do not add booking for mor than one day to the cart. If later it happens that you have to cancel one date, you can only cancel the whole booking. In this case all other dates would be lost. 


Finalize Booking

By clicking the button BOOK you finalize the booking.

5 book


Confirm Booking

You still have to confirm acception of the Privacy Policy and general terms and condiions by clicking on SUBMIT.

5 book 2

On a further page you must finally confirm the booking by clicking on the button CONFIRM.


6 confirm

Receive Confirmation of a Successful Booking

Only after getting to the confirmed booking page, your booking is registered successfully. You will also receive an email with a booking confirmation.
In case you are not able to come to the confirmed date, you may cancel up to 24 hours before the time by clicking on the cancelation link in the email.

You will also receive an Email, where you can subscripe for a newsletter of Jelwana Nails & Beauty.

7 confirmed

Congratulations! You now have made your first online booking.


Attention very important!

If you are using an email account at Microsoft hotmail, outlook on your web browser or a business email address using outlook, it may happen, that your booking gets canceled immediately when opening your confirmation email.

The cause for this is the outlook feature "link preview". If not deactivated, the cancelation link is getting activated and the booking gets canceled.
Please deactivate "link preview" in outlook or use a private email address instead of your business email address.




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