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NEW: A Totally New Kind of Serum

SMART RESPONSE SERUM by Dermalogica is detecting, what your skin needs.

Smart Response Serum detects what we cannot see and reacts to the requirements of our skin.

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Our skin is constantly sending out signals. On a macro level, we experience these as signs like redness, fine lines, dark spots, and dehydration. But if we could zoom in for a closer view, we’d see that these skin concerns can actually be caused by damage that happens on a microscopic level. When skin is harmed, it changes in structure and chemical make-up – either as a result of damage, or as a form of self-defense. By the time our skin feels signs of distress, the damage is done. Smart Response Serum, however, sees what we can’t. Each of its four smart actives is targeted to recognize and address these micro-changes in the skin before they’re visible to the naked eye – effectively addressing skin’s needs in real time to soothe, firm, brighten, and hydrate.

Clinical study: Significant improvements visible within 4 weeks. The colors stand for the four modes of action of the Smart Response Serum. The color intensity visualizes the improvements. 

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